Keep your Mouth Shut An Opinion can Change an Opinion

An opinion can changes an opinion!! So, is it good to keep your mouth shut or you need to speak up?

We have come a long way, however, there is a long road still waiting to be covered. How does it feels if you are really hungry but can’t eat? How does it feels when something is really true that you know deep inside your heart, but you have to keep your mouth shut for the whole of your life and then pretend that it’s all right? Probably that’s poisonous for any human and even for the animals.

From hundreds of years, this treatment is being given to the section of the society called the woman. A woman is so designed that she loves to make sacrifices to any extent in order to make her loved ones happy, but sometimes she is forced to do so. And, if she raises her voice even for a good cause she is criticized, she is questioned about her character, she is discarded from the society and finally, she becomes non-illegible for enjoying womanhood. This is true in most of the societies, even today!!

Men have a lot of advantages to being born as men, maybe they are used to those privileges and they don’t have the thoughtfulness to understand what a woman goes through. I don’t understand why does the society start questioning her character whenever she starts speaking up. It’s so ridiculous!! Probably, that happens because that’s considered the best way to make her mouth shut. Probably, the men are afraid, if she starts speaking up they will not have enough to say, enough to be proud of.

This has been the way of life from last many centuries,  in most parts of the world!! Why can’t we grow up? why can’t we help them feel free? Why can’t we stop making them feel helpless? Why can’t we stop making them feel guilty for every little thing that she may not have done with bad intention? Why can’t we stop judging them for every little thing? Before pointing your fingers, please make a pause and think, she is also a human being, she also has a heart, she also can make mistakes without an intention for the same.

Please help her speak up!! Please let her have an opinion without fear of being judged. A “woman” if treated with love and affection can make your life beautiful. Please help her spreading the beauty of love and compassion and she will make the world a wonderful place to live!!